About Danish Patients

The website of Danish Patients is in Danish. This site only contains a brief introduction in English.

Danish Patients is an umbrella organization for 79 patient associations in Denmark, representing a total of 870.000 members.

Danish Patients aims to secure the best possible conditions for patients in the Danish health care system, by developing evidence based policies for user involvement and safeguarding patient interests in relation to authorities and the public. Danish Patients co-operates with health authorities, research institutions and other healthcare organizations to create future health care services which take patient interests into consideration.

The vision of Danish Patients is to contribute to a patient-focused healthcare system of international standard. This is achieved through a targeted effort to put patient involvement high on the political agenda thereby providing decision-makers with a foundation for making patient-focused decisions.

Danish Patients is currently involved in a number of health policy issues, the most prominent at the moment being integrated health care delivery, rehabilitation, patient safety and user involvement.

Danish Patients is structured as a political organization with the executive council as the highest decision-making organ. The daily work of promoting the aim of the organization is conducted by experts from the member organizations and the secretariat of Danish Patients.
President of Danish Patients is Mr. Lars Engberg.

Managing Director is Mr. Morten Freil.


Contact information:

Danish Patients

Noerre Voldgade 90
1358 Copenhagen C

Phone: (+45) 33 41 47 60
E-mail: info@danskepatienter.dk